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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and where tow trucks are very very busy. good evening. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page m people are learning the hard way about these new rules. fox 29's dave kinchen is in south philadelphia tonight. dave, this might be the first time a lot of people are impacted by these preparations for the papal visit. >> reporter: yeah new york doubt about that. we saw a few vehicles being towed into the ppa impound lot here in south philly. that's right behind me. a lot of people will be pretty frustrated once they come here to get their cars. ppa tow trucks rush into the south philly impound lot with a hall from violators parking in restricted areas. places like 21st and pennsylvania of a near the ben franklin parkway where issue shall garcia park. >> just trying so see the rocky steps and we just ran into you guys. >> reporter: we told him about this map released by the city which shows his area in dark blue set for towing at 9am tod today. but this sign added a few hours up to noon before they had to go. >> i kind of seems like everywhere is being towed so i
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wonder where people are going to put their cars. >> reporter: we went to the tow truck to pick the driver's brain. >> i spoke to the tow truck driver and he said just try to find a side street much it's really hard because cops on every side street, and they're directing people other places. >> reporter: did he say he'll tow you pretty judge. >> pretty much. relocate to another lot. basically sitting there waiting for to us leave so he can ghettoed. >> they got in the car to leave. frustrate beside a ppa plan to yank cars parked in foraged den areas in a week long crack down. and this is only day two. >> it's not too bad yet. tuesday and wednesday is when more people have to move. that's when it will start getting real bad report rt report tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. the tow trucks take on old city where pope francis will spend part of his visit. from the parking plan to the overall layout of the massive papal undertaking many people say. >> a mess. >> i keep trying to decipher what the patterns are. you can't. >> reporter: we did reach out to ppa for a comment on the
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confusion. many people say they're having with that map if you need to see that map one more time it's on our website fox lucy? >> that and whole bunch more information. thank you very much, dave. pope francis arrives in the united states tomorrow but tonight he's wrapping up a visit to cuba. the pope celebrated nass cubass fourth largest city today thousands filled revolution plaza for the pope's open air mass including cuban leader raul castro. it is the first time a pope has come to the capitol of raul and fidel castro's home province. the pontiff met separately with both brothers yesterday. he told those gathered jesus christ calls on them to be open to change. >> jesus' love heals or short sightedness and pushes us to look beyond not to be satisfied with appearances or what polite tee correct. >> the pope's next stop to is washington, d.c. to meet with president obama and speak to congress.
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he'll visit new york city frid friday. on saturday and sunday he's here in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. if you are coming down to see the pope plan ahead. aaa is offering some advice to those of you plan to go attend the papal event this weekend. the travel company says to make a papal visit travel plan and they say it's not the time to just wing it. >> this is the time to have a plan and to plan in advance. similar to the way you would for a snowstorm. >> aaa says you shall know toons these questions. what should i wear? what should i pack gentleman what can i can't bring? if you know the answer to those questions you shall be oh. >> special welcome for visitors coming through philadelphia international airport. awaiting them today carnations and walking tour maps of the city's public gardens. it's a welcome for all of those coming for the world meeting of families and of course the pope's visit. the pennsylvania horticultural society, american airlines and philadelphia's division of aviation are behind that warm welcome.
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as the pope's historic trip progresses we've got it all along with everything you need to know like the parking situation on mocks look for links on our home page. developing tonight, pennsylvania's top prosecutor is now serving without a law license. the state's supreme court order dag the suspension of kathleen kane's license but kane is not backing down. fox 29's jeff cole has been following the story since the news broke. jeff, what's this all mean? >> iain it means the attorney general state's top elected law enforcement officer has to license to actually practice law in the commonwealth. it means kane will hold her ground while others will try to kick her out. the pennsylvania supreme court's order removing attorney general kane's law license on temporary basis sets up a battle over whether she can remain the commonwealth's top law enforcement official without it. >> i am innocent of any wrongdoing. >> reporter: the embattled attorney general has argued repeatedly she's done nothing
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wrong. but the order will add fuel to the call for her to resign. the challenge to her law license grew out of criminal charges brought against kane by the montgomery county district attorney for allegedly leaking secret, grand jury information to get back tikrit tick and lying about it under oath. she lied repeatedly about her own actions, about the law and about other matters simply to support her version events. >> again, kane says she is and in and has argued her problems are rooted in campaign to keep pornographic e-mails by state workers her office has unearthed after wraps. some of the e-mails have been released. the order is not to be construed as removing the son dent kane from office writes the core. in a statement, kane makes it clear, she's not quitting her job. no, she's not. what does governor wolf have to say about all this? he's reviewing the decision says his spokesperson.
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he's called for her to go already. look for republicans in the state legislature to try to remove her, to try to impeach her and kane the tonight on. in the newsroom, i'm jeff cole. iain to you. >> jeff, thank. police in new jersey charged the man who they say robbed a woman who was withdrawing money from an atm. investigators arrested 46-year-old donald tidwell of camden earlier today. according to the police, tidwell pulled a gun on a woman as she used an tm and forced her to hand over cash. he's in jail tonight can't make bail and faces a long list of charges. three atlantic city casinos have been fined more than $14,000 allowing 117 people to place bets who should not be gambling in the first place. the new jersey division of gaming enforcement reveal the fines last week against the resortings borgata and tropicana for accepting bets from underaged people and those who have asked excluded from gambling. minimum age for gambling in new jersey is 21. the state let's people ban
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themselves from casino or internet gambling by signing up for a self ex clues list much casinos did not contest fines. what a difference a day makes. eagles fans so optimistic for a win on sunday. dez bryant was out, right? >> um-hmm. >> embarrassed and defeated on monday. now a lot of folks are wonder wagon lies ahead for the rest of the season. yesterday's loss to the cowboys was so rough my neck hurts. i think i through it out by doing some weird movement. >> watching that game that could have happened. ask any eagles fan. we sent fox 29 weekend's bill anderson to do just that. some say this is the worst birds have played in long time most of us diehard fans are saying that. we were disgusted by the lack of the effort. we started the season talking about the super bowl and after two games some wonder if we're good enough to make the playof playoffs. i went to find out how many people off the jumped off the band wagon. ♪ >> reporter: it's the day after arguably one of the worst losses in eagles history and i
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got to tell you as a life-time philadelphian, i expected there to be a mass exodus of people jumping off the eagles band wagon. >> here's a blocked punt. >> admitted people were upset. and rightfully so. and they wanted to express it. >> the game was horrible. i hope they will turn around, yes, they better turn it around because if they don't the fans are going to go crazy in the city. >> i think it's still early in the season. but it was definitely hard game to watch for any fan. >> bradford is now ready for the snap. >> as bad as the team was in pretty much every aspect of the game us loyal birds fans were not ready to quit on the team just yet. >> we are strong all the time. >> i'm not going to jump off board yet. i bleed green, flyers, phillies eagles all day long. >> it was encourage to go hear my fellow di hard fans offer a word of encouragement and support. it was an awful game but it was one game we've got the jets coming up next. our chance to bounce back.
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>> i have to have trust in chip kelly. he's got to know what he's doi doing. >> he stumbles on his way to murray. i'm feeling pretty good about the message everyone was presenting. and then it happened. the one comment that i was wondering how long it would take before somebody brought this up. it involves legendary individual you all may be familiar with. >> i wish they kept tebow. >> there it is. >> mark it down. we didn't even get to october before tebow mania struck again. the fans are restless they're wondering what to do next and of course we want to hear from you. are you still on board. you can comment on our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly. iain and lucy we'll see. >> bill, aikman and buck were even talking about that. i got my tebow jersey still. i'm just saying. >> he's got so much, he's not going to say anything. >> exactly. >> tweet out. iain and myself on facebook. >> talk to us on facebook and twitter. we'd love to hear from you.
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i heard from lot of people yesterday. >> so did i. i'm still hearing from people right now. reading the tweets here. >> the fans of course they spoke and we heard about that. now it's chip kelly's turn. >> this is where howard eskin picks things up. >> it was bad football game. embarrassing to some. but can it be fixed? we'll talk about chip kelly's embarrassment and kit be fixed? we'll hear from jason kelce. that will be coming up shorely in sports. >> all right. thank you howard. also new at 6:00 what a local police officer did when he thought no one was watching. and this interaction it's going viral as we say these days. warping hearts across social median we've got it. also hundreds of local students get a day outside of the classroom today but not for recess. the special message they're spelling out for the pope. hello scott. >> high there lucy and iain. maybe the pope can help out eagles. in the meantime we're talking cloud cover. sprinkles right now and coming up we'll talk about a potential late week concern want it could mean for the papal visit. that forecast and more next.
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♪ >> students at a warminster pennsylvania school are showing us how excited they are for the pope's visit. they decided to spell it out literally. a drone captured it all at the nativity of our lord school. students formed the words we love pope francis today. it took all 485 of them to do it. all the students wore yellow shirts except for the little left in red who of course formed a heart in the middle of the message. very nice. video out of new jersey going viral tonight shows a police officer throwing around a football with a young boy. >> his parents captured the special moment a moment that has everybody smiling and everyone applauding that officer's actions. >> sabina kuriakose caught up with the officer and the young boy today. she's live in burlington city tonight. this video is getting a whole lot of attention. >> reporter: iain it has gotten thousands of views we talk to that officer and he tells us he doesn't think he did
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anything out of the ordinary when he saw little boy with a ball but that little boy's family tells me they think this policeman went above and i don't know. >> some cops are good. >> it's something that should go without saying. but too often it doesn't. heart warming video going viral from burlington city, new jersey, the goodness of one officer is on full display as he stops in the middle of his shift to toss a football with a neighborhood kid. 10-year-old alec. >> he got out of his car and put his hands up like he wanted the football. i through it to him. we started having a catch. >> alex and his little brother dominic pass the ball around with the policeman friday. their surprise parents recorded the exchange from their porch. >> the boys had a lot of fun. they won wait to get to school to tell their teachers and their friends. >> reporter: patrolman jeff is the policeman in the video. >> he and his partner were just
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finishing after responding to another call nearby. the officer recognized alex from the neighborhood. >> i'm a big kid at heart. i saw the ball. i wanted to get out and play. >> i got the cop playing football with my boys. >> i seen the smile on his face. he started going ought for a pass. i got some time. i can do this. >> he wasn't expecting all the attention. his colleagues are glad his good deed not noticed. >> that's jeff. jeff is a very strong family f fan. >> the experience will long stay with her boys. >> we watched the news and they hear what's going on, and all that's all over what the cops are doing bad to people. that's not always the case. it's not. and i believe that my kids know if they were in trouble they could go to a police officer. >> make that ill pact on that little child, it blesses my heart to hear that. >> reporter: and little alex tells us he invited the officer to his first football game in in
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two weeks and the officer tells me he'll be in the bleachers. >> abina, great story. >> great. i love it. >> within that game. >> oh yeah. play for the eagles. >> i tell he he can. we got football weather out there. >> little bit like fall out there. cool and damp. >> that's right. really comfortable you guys we're talking cloud cover today a couple of sprinkles out there but really looks like dry overall seven day forecast. it's going to feel more like fall as we move toward the middle and latter part of the week and then of course preparing for the pope. we'll talk about a couple of scenarios and also watching the coast. we could see some showers depending on where you live for a part of the weekend. 74 degrees that was the high temperature for today. below average the normal is 76. sun is set this evening at 7:00 o'clock. look at the cooler air towards sections of the northeast and new england only mid 50s right now towards the central part of the state. 67 philadelphia. low 60s in boston. syracuse checking in at 64 degrees. we'll zoom in a little close sr.
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right now. 50s already showing up on the map in the pocono mountains. 67 degrees popular number. trenton, philadelphia, millvil millville, dover as well as atlantic city. so as we look at the sat right and radar you can see mostly cloudy skies out there. a little bit of green showing up on the map. indicating a couple of sprinkles but a lot of this falling into some drier air there have been a couple of light showers out there but nothing to cancel any of your evening plans. as we expand the view you can see we're watching a frontal boundary well to the south. an area of low pressure. that will have to continue to watch for the latter part of the week and high pressure off to the north. so in between these systems, we'll see a little bit of a breeze over the next several days. so by the latter part of the week, still the high to the north. that area of low pressure to the south. here's one take on the forecast. the gfs model showing that the rain will likely try and move a little farther to the north for the upcoming weekend if this holds true we could see a few showers for the pope. another model the european model which has been a little bit of a
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better model lately showing that that high is going to be pretty strong and suppress most of the rape fall to the south as we move toward the upcoming weekend. so here's the take right now as we move toward saturday. partly sunny, maybe a shower south and east, 74 degrees. and then as we move ahead to sunday, partly cloudy, temperatures in the low 70s. so it looks pretty good for the up coming papal weekend temperatures will be in the low to mid 70s overnight lows in the 50s and 60s. and once again, it look like most of the showers will stay to our south. >> okay. let's keep it that way. thank you, scott. >> let's check in with howard again down at the novacare complex. got to talk more about the eagles, howard. >> oh, yeah, i'm going to talk about the eagles. we'll come up with a word to describe that yesterday. we did at 5:00 o'clock. we'll do it again. we'll find out if this thing can be fixed. we hear from chip kelly and i just spoke to jason kelce. that will be coming up in sports.
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♪ okay. it was not a happy day here at the novacare complex. not for the eagles much the players were in. technically their day off. chip kelly you could tell was not happy at his news conferen conference, but how would you describe this game, this loss yesterday by the eagles to the cowboys? there's lot of ways
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but during the broadcast yesterday, here on fox, troy aikman described it the way he saw it. >> this is -- he's embarrassed. i'm embarrassed and everybody should be embarrassed. this has been poor performance i recall ever seeing in this league. >> there were a lot of embarrassing plays. so chip kelly was asked the same question today at his news conference. okay, chip, do you agree with aikman? was this an embarras embarrassing loss. >> i was embarrassed. that's not the way we are supposed to play football that's not what we're all about. but we didn't -- we didn't play well yesterday. i was embarrassed how we played yesterday. >> well, one of biggest problems they could run the football right now. if you look demarco murray yesterday, it's amazing. they were lucky to get in the plus yardage. he had 13 carries for 2 yards. that is not the way it's got to
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happen. so, again, what account eagles do? so chip kelly asked, can this be fixed? >> yeah i feel like it can be fixed. you know, we've -- we've had a couple games here since we've been here where we haven't run the ball well. it's a fundamental football game. i think the blocking, throwing and catching aspect are the things we didn't catch very well last night. at times we didn't throw very well. >> obviously it looked really really bad on film as well but every time you go back and watch it you see where the mix takes are. you see what happens and you understand what you got to do to correct it. so i don't want to say -- it look terrible today as well, but, um, you feel confident you can make the corrections and fix a lot of the mistakes that went on. >> during jason kelce's and malcolm jenkins radio show i was doing with them, not happy, but they understand it's got to get better. you can't keep on going. well, you got another game and it's only two losses. they have to win next week against the jets.
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back to you guys. >> all right. >> yeah. exactly. all right, howard, thank you very much. >> taking on the jets. >> exactly. >> metlife stadium. a lot of green going on. >> yes. better be eagles green. >> that's right. >> somebody tweeted me they thought that kermit the frog could be mascot this time around it's not easy being green. >> oh, no. >> i thought it was funny tweet. >> anyhow our weather is no joke because we got a lot of stuff happening. >> lot of stuff happening, of course, the big papal weekend it look like we're going to see seasonal temperatures in the low to mid 70s overnight lows in the 50s and watching the coast throughout the week. looks like there could be a slight chance of showers south and east. >> all right, scott, thank you. 27-year-old woman dices of heroin overdose in her apartment but her parents want to know more about the man with her that night. why does he get away? fox 29 investigates tonight at 10. >> and that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next.
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tracy morgan. >> brave tracy morgan's standing ovation at the emmys. >> a whole lot of y'all women are going to get pregnant at the after party. and red carpet scorcher. >> this is horrible. >> i've got my fan, i've got my ice pack, just in case. >> and no bandage. >> oh my god, you've got the bandage off. >> your first look at jimmy fallon's mangled finger. plus, back stage with all the night's big winners. >> it's an incredible honor to be here. >> inside the emmys with deborah norville, jim moret, and victoria recano. then, the baby doe investigation. >> you rot in hell! >> mom's icy death glare at


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